17 september 2012

ACHTUNG: B-Galleria

For your viewing pleasure: Pictures from our recent performance at B-gallery in Åbo.

And you were all so well behaved this week, we decided to give you a couple of extras:
Enjoying The Show

Behind The Scenes

A big thank you to the tireless workers from B-Galleria for inviting us, we had a blast!
(and thanks to Gabriela Hertnagel and Carita Dahlskog for the company and Anni for the tour)

29 augusti 2012


Achtung will perform in B-galleria in Turku. The opening is 14th september, we perform saturday the 15th and exhibition is running until 30th.

Check out the event on facebook: >>>HERE<<<
and tell us you will attend attend attend come watch some amazing women doing amazing art!

Oh we look forward to this! To Turku, the exhibiting artists and to the Achtungness!

11 mars 2012

ACHTUNG: Exhibition in Ekenäs.

ACHTUNG FITTOR is at the moment participating in an exhibition in Ekenäs. The exhibition Al dente II - Secondi Piatti in Ekenäs is open from 8th of March to 29th of April.

12 augusti 2011

ACHTUNG! Konstens natt performance.

We let the people have a bath in the bathtub, a bath of art and culture. Let the ideas and questions wash over them. Get inspired.

We had a transforming bath. we invited the audience to sacrifice a personal item to the dark wonders of art.

A big thank you to the audience members who sacrificed something personal, items including a bracelet, a pair of shoes and a set of keys.

7 augusti 2011

ACHTUNG! Performance in Vasa Thursday 11th.

The amazingness of Achtung Fittor continues on Thursday the 11th in the garden of Tikanoja museum at 21.00!

Sneak peek:

Achtung Fittor in white...? Must be a photo negative.

2 augusti 2011

ACHTUNG! cleaning up the dirt

The culture department in the town of Vasa hired streetartists to make the city niceer.  We choose to understand the wish very literally and therefore cleaned the square. 
It looks very nice now, and it also smells very nice of tallsåpa.

Achtung Fittor arrived in a black BMW, parked on the square, took their buckets, filled them with water from the fountain and tallsåpa, got down on their knees and started the cleaning.

Thanks to Johan Pohjanheimo and Johanna Kull for great pictures!

29 juli 2011

ACHTUNG FITTOR are seiling back to town

we have had enough of the countryside and are back in business. Come see us Tuseday 19.00 in Vasa! We will take our mission to make the public city space more nice very very serious. 
Nice and much more cleaner, cleaner, cleaner.  
We will be fighting the dirt in shining black.

Place? everywhere of course. 

23 juli 2011

ACHTUNG! Escaping the city.

ACHTUNG FITTOR are not allowed out of their cage if the temperature exceeds 30 degrees. So instead of preforming in the hot streets, they hit the cool water. But it wasn't all fun and games, we got some serious shit done too.

11 juli 2011

ACHTUNG are invading the city

picture: Timo Annanpalo, pohjalainen
Yep, Achtung Fittor got a summerjob in the city to suport our cotton-candy-craving rainbow ponnies. I mean, what do you do, right?
So here we are, getting paid to invade public space.
So your priorited mission should be to SUPORT STARVING PONNIES and 
watch us live on the streets 23 july and on the walls 30 july in Vasa, Finland! 

8 juli 2011

ACHTUNG goes streetart

Thats right! Its summer and Achtung Fittor are invading the streets in two special evenings of joy and wonder! Listen to the interview about our great plans (in swedish)----- HERE 
Courtney and Sylvia are demonstrating climbing. 
Picture and interview from http://svenska.yle.fi by Mira Myllyniemi

But... where is the third one, Viktoria?? Well, she was on an important and dangerous mission in rainbowponnyland and arrived later glowing of pure awesomeness in time for the newspaperinterviews. 

28 juni 2011


we hope he will have a great day tomorrow at the office, that he finds the fish before the air is gone and that he will be fully aware of that we anyday will accept him as the fourth Fitta, (even if we of course find him very manly).

21 maj 2011

ACHTUNG! Wonderfuck bra.

We had the great honor to perform at Kuntsi 20th of May. 

Photo: Johan Pohjanheimo

"Be that no horse at all! Purely a symbol of your scorn, your anger?
Perhaps only to illustrate it carefully for all to see, then to be done with it.
Like an exhale to be presented so that one can inhale so we can discuss the weather."